Why A Climbing Tree Stand Is Best

When hunting in the US it’s especially important to remain as stealth as possible. This means that you need to be able to see your target without them being able to see you. So how do you manage to do this? It’s simple, get yourself a climbing tree stand. Using one of these allows you to get high up in a great and setup a nice vantage point for shooting or scouting from. Being high up is an obvious advantage when hunting anyway, but it reduces the chance that you’ll be spotted by whatever you’re targeting.

You can buy all different types of tree stands, some being able to go up higher than others. It all depends on your hunt really and what specie you’re going after. The market ranges in price but you’re typically looking at around $150 for a decent one. There’s many reputable sellers such as Amazon who have a large selection of climbing tree stands for you to choose from.

You want to check out some things such as the stability of the tree stand, if it has a seat how big it is, how big the overall stand is, is it weatherproof and ultimately are you getting value for money with it. The Catch Them Easy site has reviews of some top climbing tree stands, with a nice little guide on how to go about selecting the best climbing tree stand for your hunt. It also goes into detail on the features you need to consider when buying one and has some helpful bits of information on how to maintain your stand.

Although these tree stands sound like a revelation and you’re probably thinking ‘Why wouldn’t you buy one?”. Well they are awesome for many reasons as stated, however like any other bit of outdoor gear you buy they come with their downsides. Although you’re higher up in the trees you still want to conceal yourself from any targets, as you may be sticking out like a sore thumb against the tree. Also sitting higher up in the trees leaves you exposed to the elements, and can turn a good adventure into a negative experience if you’re getting battered with wind and rain.

Luckily though there are extra accessories you can buy that help you combat the negatives. Though this may add to the cost of your climbing tree stand purchase, a tree blind is a great addition to have. With a blind you can become even more concealed with its camo and be protected from the elements. Most of the good ones have roofs over them so you will be able to sit in your stand all day waiting on the target. They’re pretty cheap to buy and we would definitely recommend purchasing one.

Overall we hope we’ve spelt out the need to have one of these stands for your hunting expeditions, and you consider buying one. We guarantee that you won’t be let down with what they have to offer, just remember to purchase a good quality one.