What Is Vlogging?

What is vlogging?

Most people actually ask the question what is vlogging. This is not shocking considering the fact that the term is just as new as several related words such as blogging and tweeting. Whether you like it or not, you will acknowledge the fact that these words have not always been in existence. Their introduction on the scene has been as a result of the coming of the internet. It may be safe to say that vlogging, tweeting and blogging and several other words related to them are just as old as the internet or just a little bit younger.

Vlogging is a word that is used to refer to an equivalent of blogging. It is a blog that is dedicated to sharing video content. Therefore, it is actually safe to say that vlogging is the blogging that is focused on sharing video as opposed to word content. This is the major different between blogging and vlogging. Not shocking, it is sometimes referred to as video blogging. The rest of the attributes of the two activities are the same. They are basically about sharing information using media tools such as audio, pictures and videos. A vlog focuses on sharing information by means of videos along with a few comments either in the video itself or just beneath the video link. For more information check out https://vlogplanet.com/.

Vlogging compared to blogging

Over the years, blogging has grown to become one of the most reliable ways to share information on the internet. It provides a platform for individuals who have prospects of sharing information on a number of subjects. Blogs connect quite perfectly with the social media making it quite easy for people to gain access to information almost as soon as it is shared. Followers of a specific blog can also comment on specific blog posts as often as they feel like.

But, vlogging is taking over the social media fraternity at a very rapid pace. Whatever you can do on a blog is also possible on a vlog. As a matter of fact, you can even do more on a vlog. You can also post specific comments on vlog posts (the equivalent of blog posts). It is also possible to follow vlog posts in much the same way that you can follow blog posts.

Like blogs, vlogs are associated with specific topics and may contain information pertaining to multiple topics. For example, Youtube, which is one of the oldest vlogs on earth, is actually a vlog which features multiple topics.

Vlogging is often said to be better than blogging as it enables vloggers to reveal more information by means of video posts. Blogs are limited since they depend on how well the content on a certain link has been described. Some bloggers may not describe certain events properly causing the readers to become confused. Watching a video on a vlog may be all you need to get the proper insight into what actually happened.

Major features of a vlog

Most of the features of a vlog are the same as those of a blog. But, a vlog has more to offer than a blog. It has videos which can do more than what images and texts can do. Major features worth pointing out are indicated below.

  • Different videos
  • Login or sign up request (in the form of an icon)
  • Comment forms at the bottom of videos
  • Subscription requests
  • Ads (displayed at the start of each vlog post, in the middle or towards the end)
  • Number of views
  • Number of followers
  • Number of likes